10 Things Scott Brown Thinks Are “No Biggie” (But Totally Are)

Scott Brown used to be a Senator from Massachusetts. He recently moved to New Hampshire and is thinking about running for the Senate in the Granite State. Scott Brown got caught making money by spamming his email list with dangerous medical misinformation from Dr. Russell Blaylock, a well-known medical quack and radical conspiracy theorist who opposed vaccines and and compares health reform to the policies of Nazi Germany. “No Biggie,” Scott Brown said. Really? Here are other things Scott Brown considers “No Biggie” - but they are.

1. Scott Brown profits by sending spam email from a vaccine truther & conspiracy theorist who thinks drinking water is toxic.


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2. Scott Brown wanted to run for U.S. Senate from New Hampshire but lived in Massachusetts. So he moved to New Hampshire.


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3. Scott Brown voted against paycheck fairness, when women get paid less than men for the same work.


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4. Scott Brown took thousands of dollars from big oil just weeks before voting to give them millions of dollars in special government tax breaks.


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5. Scott Brown co-sponsored the Blunt Amendment that would let employers decide medical coverage for the women who work for them.


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7. Scott Brown thought he was still in MA when he was actually in Londonderry, New Hampshire.


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8. Scott Brown ditched his truck and, like the rest of us, commuted to New Hampshire by helicopter.


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9. Scott Brown claimed to have “secret meetings with kings and queens” - but he didn’t.


ID: 2417283

10. Scott Brown got duped by fake photos of Osama Bin Laden


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