The Worst Things That Happen At Work

Sometimes a 9 to 5 sucks.

1. When it’s too hot in the office.

2. When it’s freezing in the office.

3. Coming in with a hangover.

4. No food left after a meeting.

5. When your boss sends a Facebook friend request.

6. Status meetings.

7. Trying to come up with original excuses to interview for another job.

8. When you realize you forgot your headphones.

9. When someone valuable puts in their two weeks’ notice.

10. Really long email threads.

11. Unknowingly opening an article that’s NSFW while someone walks by.

12. When everyone at the office remembers that really stupid thing you did at the holiday party.

13. When you think it’s Friday and it’s not.

14. Receiving a time-sensitive request just as you’re about to leave the office.

15. When the coffee machine is broken.

16. Filling out time sheets.

17. When the day goes by so slowly.

18. When your computer crashes.

19. Being cc’d on an unnecessary email.

20. Not being cc’d on an important email.

21. Doing anything in Excel.

22. Being so busy you have to eat lunch at your desk.

23. Making a PowerPoint presentation.

24. When Gchat is down.

25. Fire drills.

26. When your boss gives you bitch work.

27. Running out of money before your next paycheck.

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