25 Rubbable GIFs Of Hot Celeb Hunks

Spending Valentine’s Day alone? Not anymore. This is for all the single ladies (and men).

1. Hey girl, go run to Ryan Gosling.

ID: 875264

2. And help Zac Efron put his shirt on.

ID: 875276

3. How about you take Jon Hamm’s shirt off?

ID: 884793

4. And Bradley Cooper’s…

ID: 875262

5. Oh, and Usher.

ID: 884955

6. Liam Hemsworth could really use your help watering the plants.

ID: 884759

7. And Magic Mike is looking for a few audience volunteers.

ID: 875518

8. Seriously, Joe Manganiello needs you to sway his hips.

ID: 875519

9. And Taylor Lautner would love for you to accompany him on his walk through the woods.

ID: 875521

10. Go ahead, make Jake Gyllenhaal smile.

ID: 884819

11. And let JGL show you his vest.

ID: 884796

12. Ryan Reynolds needs help with a post-workout shower.

ID: 884837

13. And RDJ would like you to bite his lip.

ID: 884840

14. Ian Somerhalder just wants to come closer.

ID: 884836

15. Help Channing Tatum scrub the ground.

ID: 884894

16. And get Jesse Williams dressed for work.

ID: 884950

17. Open the door for Brad Pitt.

ID: 884964

18. And just watch Chris Pine strut down those stairs.

ID: 885070

19. You should probably help David Beckham with that underwear problem…

ID: 884974

20. John Travolta can’t complete this Grease number without you.

ID: 885006

21. And Dean Geyer needs to get out of the shower.

ID: 885017

22. Let Chris Evans blow off some steam.

ID: 885050

23. Never forget Skylar Astin’s ability to sing and dance beautifully.

ID: 885074

24. Tom Hardy had to take off those shades to get a better look at you.

ID: 885079

25. Oh, don’t forget to put Chris Hemsworth’s pants on.

ID: 885093

Are you all OK?

ID: 884984

Happy Valentine’s Day!

ID: 884986

All GIFs found via tumblr.

ID: 885114

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