10 Friendship Commandments From "Mean Girls"

Ah, it’s the ten year anniversary of Mean Girls. We learned a lot from this modern classic. P.S., you can sit with us.

1. Thou shall not refer to your friends as a “wh*re” or other degrading terms.

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2. Thou shall not borrow or steal your friends crush, boyfriend, or ex boyfriend.

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3. Thou shall not impose arbitrary rules.

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4. Thou shall not talk about, or stab your friends behind their back.

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5. Thou shall not plot against your friends.

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6. Thou shall not get together with your girlfriends only to complain. Be grateful for what you have, even your big pores.

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7. Thou shall not intentionally sabotage your friends weight.

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8. Thou shall embrace the different talents and qualities of your friends, such as speaking Swahili. Jambo, man.

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9. Thou shall call your friend out when she is being mean. But politely.

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10. Thou shall be a good friend, by being kind, generous, trustworthy and supportive.

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