47 Reasons To Love Living In New York City

I took these photos to show the best things about the city don’t cost anything at all (you know, except for the waffle.)

1. 1. Because this dog I saw in the West Village is nailing his impersonation of the nearby mailbox.

ID: 2777979

2. 2. … and sometimes the neon bleeds onto the sky.

ID: 2777991

3. 3. Because every time I take a photo someone is taking a photo of me

ID: 2777998

4. 4. Because when traffic is stopped on the Brooklyn Bridge, it turns the city into Tim Burton-era Gotham

ID: 2778006

5. 5. And another time Tompkins Square turned into Narnia

ID: 2778010

6. 6. …because of this memorable graffiti conversation I saw in SoHo

ID: 2778011

7. 7. Because I love Central Park in the fall

ID: 2778013

8. 8. ……but I also I love Fort Greene Park in the fall

ID: 2778016

9. 9. Because this dog is learning to read

ID: 2778022

10. 10. Because when they put the spire on One World Trade Center, it looked like something from a sci-fi film

ID: 2778025

11. 11. Because I can get anything I want to eat here at this KFC

ID: 2778030

12. 12. Because of designer footprints in the snow

ID: 2778040

13. 13. Because of this happy dog I saw on 8th

ID: 2778093

14. 14. And this sad dog I saw on 25th

ID: 2778102

15. 15. …and this dog who was obsessed with squirrels in Washington Square Park

I love dogs in any city - but it’s really the dogs-per-square-mile that sets New York apart.

ID: 2778115

16. 16. Because pigeon footprints look like a fleet of fighter jets

ID: 2778119

17. 17. Because Central Park cleared out during a snowstorm

ID: 2778121

18. 18. …except for a few of us traipsing about

ID: 2778134

19. 19. Because of everything this sign represents

ID: 2778137

20. 20. …and all the new words I learn living here

ID: 2778142

21. 21. Because of this clever ad

ID: 2778151

22. 22. Because of spooky mist-fog that obscured Manhattan

ID: 2778161

23. 23. Because of New York’s participation in the “Little Free Library” program

ID: 2778165

24. 24. Because this man with a bagel-colored coat walked past the bagel cart

I do recognize a Carhartt jacket when I see one - I’m from Ohio!

ID: 2778173

25. 25. Because of the view of Lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Promenade

ID: 2778184

26. 26. Because this is how the NYPD saves money on multi-car pursuits

ID: 2778194

27. 27. Because a few days out of the year, the sun lines up pretty well with the grid in Manhattan

Read more here!

ID: 2778199

28. 28. Because the snakes here are not very dangerous

ID: 2778203

29. 29. Because the Irish Hunger Memorial looks like a real Irish hillside in the middle of Lower Manhattan

Read more about it here!

ID: 2778211

30. 30. Because one time I turned and saw this guy stealthily sneaking up on me

ID: 2778215

31. 31. …and another time the unlicensed Cookie Monster was staring at me as I came up out of the subway

ID: 2778220

32. 32. Because of the free car washes

ID: 2778226

33. 33. Because after Hurricane Sandy I lost power and walked north toward the light

ID: 2778231

34. 34. Because you can buy fruit (and other groceries) without ever leaving the sidewalk

ID: 2778235

35. 35. Because Midtown looks so big from Chelsea

ID: 2778258

36. 36. …and so small from Williamsburg

ID: 2778267

37. 37. Because there are a dozen breakfast-all-day spots within walking distance

ID: 2778283

38. 38. Because some buildings change their skin seasonally, like this one in SoHo

ID: 2778295

39. 39. …and occasionally you catch a glimpse of greatness through the scaffolding

ID: 2778305

40. 40. Because once a year I get to see this

ID: 2778323

42. 42. Because of this tattoo parlor in SoHo

ID: 2778351

43. 43. …and Tristan Eaton’s “Audrey of Mulberry”

Check out Tristan Eaton’s work.

ID: 2778359

44. 44. Because of this phenomenal work in Brooklyn

ID: 2778368

45. 45. …and this work under the Williamsburg Bridge

ID: 2778378

46. 46. Because at some point, I stopped fighting it and just accepted that there are legs in the shrubbery

ID: 2778387

47. 47. And because it’s the most competitive city in the world…

I love New York.

ID: 2778417

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