23 Little Lies We All Say To Ourselves

Don’t worry, after reading this you’ll go right back to work, right?

1. “I worked out, so this doesn’t count.”

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2. “I could be a morning person if I tried!”

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3. “This mirror is warped.”

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4. “I can’t stand Ke$ha.”

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5. “I’m definitely going to bed early tonight.”

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6. “I’ll eat this all now so I won’t have it tempt me in the house.”

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7. “Today will be my laundry day.”

Im starting to wear running shorts as underwear on a daily basis.

— Competitive Runner (@DiaryofDistance)

Competitive Runner


Im starting to wear running shorts as underwear on a daily basis.

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8. “I was so drunk that I don’t even remember.”

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9. “We’re just friends.”

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10. “One more drink and then I’m done.”

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11. “I don’t want this. I need this…”

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12. “…I just won’t go out to eat for the rest of the week.”

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13. “It’s dark. Nobody will notice.”

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14. “I’ll clean up tomorrow.”

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15. “I’ll just hit the snooze button one more time.”

Disney / Via apartmentlist.com
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16. “It’s a skinny drink.”

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17. “It’s too far to walk.”

Asim Bharwani / Via Flickr: modenadude
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18. “I’m going to start reading more.”

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19. “I’m just going to watch this one last episode.”

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20. “I’m totally over him/her.”

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21. “I’m too full for dessert.”

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22. “I’ll shower after work.”

@BarPrepProblems i haven't showered in going on 3 days now

— Brandon Prenger (@mon_fri_monkeys)

Brandon Prenger


@BarPrepProblems i haven’t showered in going on 3 days now

ID: 1385799

23. “I’m just going to quickly check my Facebook.”

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For more lies, check out this video.

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