15 Insane College Parties That Will Make You Want To Transfer

Get ready for some major fist-pumping. (Note: These are in no particular order.)

1. Palmer Fest — Ohio University


When: May
Size: 8,000 people
Why it’s insane: This year, the party got so wild that most people didn’t notice a house catch on fire.
Video here.

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2. State Patty’s Day — Penn State


When: February
Why it’s insane: Even though arrests went down by 37% this year (WHAT) the school decided to PAY BARS TO NOT SELL ALCOHOL on the day of. CRAY.
Video here.

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3. 4/20 Smoke Out — University of Colorado Boulder


When: April 20
Size: 12,000 people
Why it’s insane: You feel like you’re FLOATING IN A CLOUD because so many people are lighting up. And WYCLEF JEAN was included in that cloud this year in order to deter people from smoking. LULZ.
Video here.

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4. Mifflin Street Block Party — University Of Wisconsin–Madison


When: April/May (finals week)
Size: 20,000 people
Why it’s insane: It’s one of the biggest block parties in the country and basically a counterculture event because school administration and the police try to stop it from happening every year. Students RAGING IN THE NAME OF FREEEDOMM!
Check out a video here.

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5. Deltopia — University of California, Santa Barbara

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When: April (start of spring quarter)
Size: 18,000 people
Why it’s insane: It’s a beach party on STEROIDS. Everyone just brings inflatable toys and drinks on the beach or just dances on sunny rooftops.
Video here.

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6. Slope Day — Cornell University


When: The last day of classes
Size: 12,000 people
Why it’s insane: Because every year you and your best friends get to see people like Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Ben Folds, and Kendrick Lamar perform for you. OK, Ivy League WHAT UP I SEE YOU!
Video here.

ID: 1473864

7. Veishea — Iowa State University


When: April/May
Size: 75,000 people
Why it’s insane: It’s a NONSTOP WEEKLONG PARTY with parades and music (like B.o.B and Grouplove).

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8. W.I.L.D. — Washington University in St. Louis


When: Once in the fall and again in the spring
Size: 10,000 people
Why it’s insane: The school sets up INFLATABLE COUCHES for you to drink and listen to music on. Basically bringing your house party to the NEXT LEVEL.
Video here.

ID: 1474097

9. Frost — University of Southern California


When: December
Why it’s insane: You actually forget that you’re in Los Angeles. Ice bars and ice shot luges everywhere, snow, an elevated stage, and an all-white dress code. SERIOUSLY TAKING A SHOT OUT OF AN ICE SCULPTURE IS SOME NEXT-LEVEL SHIT.
Video here.

ID: 1475050

10. Little 500 — Indiana University


When: April
Size: 40,000 people
Why it’s insane: It’s a bicycle race turned giant week of slip n’ slides, concerts, foam parties. Like just a clusterfuck of wild activities.
Video here.

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11. Jungle Party — University of Arizona


When: May
Why it’s insane: WATERFALL. GIANT POOL. SWIMSUITS. DJ. BOOZE. TREEHOUSE. It’s like that Aztec party from The House Bunny, but actually real.
Video here.

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12. Round Up — University of Texas-Austin


When: March
Why it’s insane: It’s the epitome of Texan fraterdom. Neon and CRAWFISH BOILS? Say no more.
Video here.

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13. University of Florida/University of Georgia — Frat Beach


When: November
Why it’s insane: Two rival schools: one GIANT SOUTHERN FRATFEST. You get to use costumes and beach party craziness to pre-game the biggest football game of the season. NICE.
Video here.

ID: 1474554

14. Mirror Lake Jump — Ohio State University


When: OSU vs. Michigan football game (November)
Size: 12,000 people
Why it’s insane: Before the big game, everybody gets trashed and JUMPS INTO MIRROR LAKE AND PARTIES IN IT. NO MATTER THE WEATHER.
Video here.

ID: 1479860

15. Mardi Gras — Tulane University


When: The day before Ash Wednesday
Why it’s insane: I mean, it’s NOLA. It’s the biggest party of the year down in the Big Easy and the whole city goes nuts. Parades, good drinks, and food until the SUN. COMES. UP.
Video here.

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