5 Obamacare Wins For Women

Why Obamacare is a win for women.

1. Health insurance is important for everyone.

2. So get excited! Starting today, anyone who doesn’t have health-care coverage can sign up to get it through the Obamacare health-insurance marketplaces.

3. There are so many amazing benefits for women and their families under the Affordable Care Act. Here are just a few:

4. 1) Under Obamacare, insurance companies can no longer charge women more for health insurance for being, well, women.

5. 2) Remember when insurance companies could deny coverage based on “pre-existing conditions?”

Thanks to Obamacare, not anymore! But that’s not all…

6. 3) All insurance plans will now include better coverage of prenatal care…

7. …and maternity care!

9. …with no additional copay.

10. 5) And under Obamacare, young women (and men) can now stay on their parents’ health insurance until they turn 26.

11. Don’t forget to sign up for health insurance in the marketplaces, starting today at nar.al/enroll!

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