13 Reasons Adam Levine Would Be The Best Wedding Date

+1 has never looked so good.

1. Plays well with others

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2. Weddings can be sad too, but not if you have a supportive date

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3. He obviously photographs well

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4. He’s a great dancer

ID: 1067539

5. Like…moves BETTER than Jagger.

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6. How could Mom NOT like him?

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7. He’ll keep you in line

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8. He’ll laugh with you when no one else will

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9. Chances are, he can tie a cherry stem with his tongue. Everyone loves party tricks.

ID: 1067568

10. Won’t get caught up in any family drama

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11. He’s good at polite responses

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12. Imagine how beautiful that mic feels…now imagine if you were that mic.

ID: 1067591

13. He has friends for your friends

ID: 1067599

So what if he can’t find anything to wear

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Note: The wedding is in August. Hit me up, Adam. Hit. Me. Up.

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