26 Animals Who Are Total Divas

It’s a hardknock life for these kings and queens of the earth.

1. Ugh my hair… is this *regular* chlorine in this pool?

ID: 1471423

2. 151 strokes. I told you *twice* already.

Fucking peasants.

ID: 1471440

3. Why are there all these stairs between my room and the world?

ID: 1471470

4. This is *not* 1400 Thread Count

Don’t even try to lie to me right now.

ID: 1471457

5. Oh hey sweetie…

Ugh, what is she wearing??

ID: 1471489

6. OMG open up! There’s *normal people* out here

ID: 1471491

7. Where can I get some *gold-trimmed* wrapping paper?

ID: 1471426

8. OMG did you just touch me with your retail-selling hands??

ID: 1471481

9. Wait… are you using store-brand conditioner on my hair?

ID: 1471432

10. OMG… Really? I’m so sick of this non-branded water.

Is this $6.50 too much for a bottle? It’s fucking water. I need it. To live.

ID: 1471463

11. Ew I’m not walking on the floor in a *public restroom*

ID: 1471453

12. Ugh. I’m so tired of kisses

ID: 1471461

13. Didn’t I say non-fat soy latte?

DIDN’T I?!? DIDN’T I?!?!

ID: 1482236

14. Is this salad a thousand years old?


ID: 1482225

15. Umm thanks for that cuddle, but I G2G

ID: 1471449


ID: 1471486

17. Ugh this restaurant is SO crowded

They just let *anyone* in here, don’t they?

ID: 1471436

18. Did you even take an etiquette class?

ID: 1471435

19. Stop cursing. It’s very unbecoming.

ID: 1471430

20. Oohh so you got half your masseuse degree online?

This shit is coming off your tip, bitch.

ID: 1471450

21. How do you tantrum? Let me show you…

This. Is. How. You. Fucking. Tantrum.

ID: 1471437

22. Hey, you. Can you clear my dishes from the first course?

ID: 1471455

23. Is the fucking paparazzi gone?

Is it safe to come out?

ID: 1471439

24. Yaayy!! Are you done fucking petting me?

ID: 1471451

25. I had to beat those bitches off of me

ID: 1471492

26. Ugh. My life.

ID: 1471485

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