24 Animals With Anxiety That Need Your Reassurance

They’re on the verge of a panic attack, unless you soothe them.

1. “I don’t want to go anywhere. I haven’t gotten my flu shot yet”

ID: 1457885

2. “You’ve been sick? Don’t touch me! Get away!”

ID: 1498696

3. “What was that noise?”

ID: 1498797

4. “We’re meeting some guy you met on okcupid and his friends??”

ID: 1498703

5. “Raw fish? Thanks, but no, thanks.”

ID: 1457839

6. “Are you watching me sleep? Creepy!”

ID: 1410071

7. “I didn’t even know you were there!”

ID: 1457823

8. “What’s that smell? Is your carbon monoxide detector working?”

ID: 1457835

9. “Do I have enough floaties on?”

Guys. Please. Tell me if I’m at risk of drowning.

ID: 1498710

10. “That could be a bomb. I’m out”

ID: 1498723

11. “I’m late. I’m late. I’m late. I’m late. I’m late.”

ID: 1410069

12. “Watch out! Their stings are fatal!”

We should have never come to the beach. Ugh.

ID: 1498786

13. “OMFG it moved. Nope.”

ID: 1498707

14. “Scissors face the other way! Do you not know how to handle sharp objects?”

ID: 1498775

15. “I’m falling! Heeellpp!! Maaahhhmmm”

ID: 1498717

16. “He almost hit me! Assault! Officer!”

ID: 1498683

17. “Bees. OMG bees are terrifying!”

ID: 1410072

18. “OMG that bird is going to kill me!”

ID: 1410066

19. “Ew! You just sneezed a million germs on me!”

ID: 1498690

20. “Did that sick person leave yet?”

ID: 1498700

21. “I’m ready to go to the mall”

Alertness and vigilance are a girl’s best friends.

ID: 1498669

22. “Too many orange juice brands. I don’t know which one to pick”

ID: 1457847

23. “Can you wash your hands again? Please?”

ID: 1457851

24. “What did you say the symptoms were for that fatal stomach virus?”

Is difficulty breathing one of them? Bc right now… I. Can’t. Breathe.

ID: 1457879

OMG! Halp!

ID: 1498870

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