This Is What Happens When Your Parents Have Great Genes

Staal brother powers, ACTIVATE!

Last night, something really unique happened…

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2. Jordan Staal…

Chris Seward/Raleigh News & Observer / MCT
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3. And Eric Staal…

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4. Played with their little brother Jared Staal, who was making his NHL debut.

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5. And all three brothers started on the same line for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Grant Halverson / Getty Images
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6. Forming the Staal Brothers Trifecta of Awesome-ness.

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Hey, their numbers are 11, 12, and 13. So cute.

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This historic moment (just the fourth time three brothers have played a game for the same NHL team) came after Jared Staal was called up from the AHL on Wednesday, and in a surprise move by coach Kirk Muller, put on the starting front line with his brothers Thursday night.

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8. And as fate would have it, the three brothers played against the New York Rangers…

Ray Stubblebine / Reuters
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9. Where their other brother Marc Staal plays.

Elsa / Getty Images
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Unfortunately, Marc has been out with an eye injury, so he was not able to enter the game. But if that did happen, I think the world would have exploded or something. Just too much Staal power in one place.

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Grant Halverson / Getty Images

Umm, guys, you’re out of order.

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