This Is What Happens When Team U.S.A. Wins A Game In The World Cup

I believe that we will win.

1. The U.S. defeated Ghana 2-1 in its World Cup opener Monday, claiming redemption after being knocked out by Ghana the past two times. Here is how fans reacted:

ID: 3153500

2. This is what it was like in the stadium as the final whistle blew:

ID: 3153433

3. And this is what it was like back in the U.S.:

ID: 3153489

4. People from all across the country went nuts.

ID: 3153486

5. A few sang the national anthem.

ID: 3153472

6. Because, duh, that’s the most American thing ever.

ID: 3153484

7. And almost everywhere there were chants of “U-S-A.”

ID: 3153477

8. With people watching the game at a bar…

ID: 3153447

9. And people standing on the bar…

ID: 3153453

10. And of course everyone took plenty of pictures.

ID: 3153456

11. Because they’re proud to be an American…

ID: 3153469

12. And they believe that the U.S. will win.

ID: 3153441

13. Because this just isn’t some country. This is the “mighty, mighty U.S.”

ID: 3153451

14. And they take this very seriously.

ID: 3153458

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