Stone-Cold Proof That Baseball Is Awesome

This story will warm every inch of your frozen little heart.

Meet Ted Kremer.


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Teddy was born with Down syndrome and became an honorary bat boy for the Cincinnati Reds after his parents won a silent auction at a fundraiser. The gig was only supposed to be for one night last August, but things changed. Kremer’s joyful personality and passion for the game made a lasting impression; he was invited to attend President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address in February and partake in the festivities of the Opening Day Parade.

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And on Thursday night, he was back in the dugout. The Cincinnatti Enquirer’s C. Trent Rosecrans reported that Kremer asked for three things: “11 runs, 11 strikeouts for free pizza and a Todd Frazier home run.”

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All three wishes came true. In the sixth inning before an at-bat, Kremer said to Frazier, “C’mon, hit me a home run, I love you.” Frazier’s response? “I love you too, I’ll hit you one.” And then he did.

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The Reds won 11-1, including 11 strikeouts, meaning that the crowd got free pizza in addition to a hell of a show.

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And Kremer? Kremer went home happy.

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It gets better: the wristband he’s wearing here was a gift from Frazier.

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