If Every NFL Team Was A Candle Scent

You just have to try the “Maurice Jones-Honeydew,” it’s delightful.

1. San Francisco 49ers: Kaep n’ Crunch Berries

2. Chicago Bears: Gimme Forte Pounds of Polish Sausage

3. Cincinnati Bengals: A.J. Green Apple

4. Buffalo Bills: Corn on the Kolb

5. Denver Broncos: Mile High Turkey Club

6. Cleveland Browns: Brown Sugar & Spice

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Papaya Life is the Life for Me

8. Arizona Cardinals: Honeybadgercomb

9. San Diego Chargers: A Whale’s Vagina

10. Kansas City Chiefs: Eric Boysenberry

11. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Lucky Charms

12. Dallas Cowboys: Dez Equis

13. Miami Dolphins: Orange You Glad You Live in Miami?

14. Philadelphia Eagles: Chocolate Chip Kelly

15. Atlanta Falcons: Matty Ice Cream Sundae

16. New York Giants: BaManning Cream Pie

17. Jacksonville Jaguars: Maurice Jones-Honeydew

18. New York Jets: It’s Not Delivery, It’s DiGeno

19. Detroit Lions: Mulberry (Reggie) Bush

20. Green Bay Packers: Discount Double Chocolate

21. Carolina Panthers: Fig Cam Newton

22. New England Patriots: Danny Roasted Almondola

23. Oakland Raiders: Mahogany Woodson

24. St. Louis Rams: Long Island Iced Tea

25. Baltimore Ravens: Red Beans & Ray Rice

26. Washington Redskins: Roy Helundaise Sauce

27. New Orleans Saints: Summer Brees

28. Seattle Seahawks: Skittles

29. Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Roethlimburger

30. Houston Texans: Schauberry Wattermelon

31. Tennessee Titans: Jeff Fisher Tacos

32. Minnesota Vikings: Purple Rain

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