Do Heat Fans Get A Bad Rap, Or Are They Even Worse Than We Think?

A photographic investigation.

Over the years, Miami Heat fans have certainly received their fair share of criticism — they’re front-runners, they don’t know the game, they show up too late and leave too early. But have we perhaps been too tough on them? Might there actually be some legit diehards in South Beach? Let’s find out by doing an image search for “Miami Heat fan.”

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1. Are Heat fans awful phonies who wear the wrong jersey with their “King” costume…

Sun Sentinel / Getty Images
ID: 1234042

2. …or awesome spaced-out clubbers from the future?

J. Meric / Getty Images
ID: 1234049

3. Awful LeBron bandwagoneers…

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images
ID: 1234101

4. …or awesome old guys who seem like they’d tell you a great story about hanging out with Ozzy in 1981 while helping you fix a flat?

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images
ID: 1234050

5. Awful shirtless designer-jeans aficionados…

Miami Herald / Getty Images
ID: 1234149

6. …or awesome goofballs who probably spent too much money on body paint?

Randy Belice / Getty Images
ID: 1234565

7. Awful fratty meatsacks…

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images
ID: 1234201

8. …or awesome kids getting dressed up?

David Sherman / Getty Images
ID: 1234118

9. Awful Johnny-come-latelies who look like they just went on a credit card spree at the official team store…

Issac Baldizon / Getty Images
ID: 1234277

10. …or awesome surf dudes with an unexpected skill in colorful-letter outlining?

David Dow / Getty Images
ID: 1234343

11. Awful victims of tragic fashion accidents…

Andrew D. Bernstein / Getty Images
ID: 1234378

12. …or awesome lunatic Viking warriors?

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images
ID: 1234391

13. Awful posers who are too proud of their “bling”…

ID: 1235272

14. …or awesome, endearing creators of homemade signs?

Jesse D. Garrabrant / Getty Images
ID: 1234389

15. Awful, inconsiderate drivers…

Joe Raedle / Getty Images
ID: 1234543

16. …or awesome flame-heads who are very conscientious about making sure to write ALL the players’ numbers on their face?

Randy Belice / Getty Images
ID: 1234560

17. Maybe we’ve been too quick to judge these enthusiasts who wear boxes for no good reason?

Aaron Davidson / Getty Images
ID: 1234176

18. And this guy with his puppet. That’s a cool puppet.

Miami Herald / Getty Images
ID: 1234209

19. On the other hand, there’s stuff like this…

ID: 1234590

20. And whatever this guy is doing…

ID: 1242877

21. …and the fact that this screencap is from a playoff game.

ID: 1235392

22. Verdict: The guy with the puppet is cool but the rest of them are still on watch.

ID: 1235395

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