Disappearing Ball Results In Strange Inside-The-Park Home Run

A little bit of luck goes a long way. Especially when you’re fast.

In the top of the third inning of Friday night’s Rangers-White Sox game, Texas second baseman Ian Kinsler hit a shot down the left field line.

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But then the ball magically disappeared.

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And by the time Dayan Viciedo found it, Kinsler had already rounded the bases and was on his way home, resulting in an inside-the-park home run.

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But what happened?

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As the ball rolled into foul territory, it got trapped underneath the padded wall, and instead of throwing his hands up and walking away, Viciedo continued to hunt for it, effectively keeping the play going.

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And then White Sox manager Robin Ventura was tossed because that’s just sort of what happens next in this type of scenario.

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7. Watch the video here:

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