Badminton Brawl Breaks Out In Canada

There’s a “black card” in badminton, and this guy really earned it.

During the badminton doubles finals of the 2013 Canadian Open, a fight broke out between Bodin Issara and Maneepong Jongjit — two former Thai Olympic badminton teammates. As the two teams were switchings sides, Issara suddenly sprinted after Jongjit, chasing him onto an adjacent court.

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After pulling him down, Issara began to punch Jongjit and even landed a knee to the back.

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Jongjit was able to escape when coaches and tournament staff jumped onto the court and held down Issara.

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Issara was shown a black card — disqualification — but alleges that the fight started when Jongjit hit him with a racket. The Badminton World Federation is investigating the incident.

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6. Watch the full video here:

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