Auburn Upsets Alabama In A Finish You Won’t Soon Forget

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Well, the 2013 Iron Bowl certainly lived up to the hype. With a tie game entering the fourth quarter, the momentum was starting to shift towards the Auburn sideline and after pinning Alabama deep in its own territory, the Tigers were in a great position to flip the field. But then AJ McCarron connected with Amari Cooper for a 99-yard touchdown pass to take the lead.

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And with a late opportunity to potentially put the game away, Alabama’s field goal attempt was blocked — the third miss for kicker Cade Foster.

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So with just under three minutes to go, Auburn marched down the field and scored on this 39-yard touchdown pass to Sammie Coates to tie the game.

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And that’s when things became really interesting. With seven seconds left, T.J. Yeldon rushed for 24 yards, before stepping out of bounds as time expired.

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But Nick Saban fought for another second on the clock, so with one second remaining, he sent a new kicker in to attempt a 57-yard field goal for the win, leading to this wild finish:

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Yep. That’s a 109-yard touchdown return from a missed field goal. Alabama fans were stunned.

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The internet basically exploded.

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No one could believe it.

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And with one of the greatest endings in series history, Auburn fans stormed Jordan–Hare Stadium to celebrate with their team.

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Final score: Alabama: 28, Auburn: 34.

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