A Guide To Living The “Spoice” Life Like U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Sage Kotsenburg

“If they could have gourmet fast food, that would be insane.”


Sage Kotsenburg is quickly becoming the breakout star of the Olympics. The 20-year-old snowboarder won the first gold medal of the Sochi Games, capturing the top spot in men’s slopestyle, and has gained a huge following on social media thanks to his upbeat personality and, well, normal reactions to WINNING AN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL!

The dude is enjoying every minute of this unbelievable experience and this afternoon he sat down with BuzzFeed to answer a few questions.

What’s your motto in life?
Sage Kotsenburg: Go with the flow… the Orinoco flow.

What’s the best way to relieve the stress of everyday life?
SK: I like hanging out with friends, playing video games, chillin’. All my friends are snowboarders so we just hang out. I’m also heavy on the Netflix game.

Yeah? What do you like to watch?
SK: Breaking Bad. Game of Thrones.

Quinn Rooney / Getty

What kind of diet do you have when training?
SK: I pretty much just eat whatever I want… I sometimes eat salads and stuff, but I don’t have a diet or anything. I just eat whatever.

On a scale from 1-10, how much do you love Taco Bell?
SK: I have to give it a 10. I love fast food.

Any fast food in particular?
SK: Anything that’s around. I hate long dinners. If they could have gourmet fast food, that would be insane.

Robert Beck / Getty

Mark Reis/Colorado Springs Gazette / MCT


If you had three wishes in life, what would they be?
SK: (Long pause) I wish it snowed all year round on the mountains, and then off the mountains it was summer time.

Wow. That was a really good answer.
SK: Right? I think that’s it. That’s the only wish.

Okay, we have to bring this up. How long have you been saying “spoice”? Was this something you just started for the Olympics?
SK: It was just my friend. One day he was like, “Ah, that was nooice.” A year and a half ago, two years ago, and then it transitioned into “spoice.” We got so stoked when we saw the Key & Peele sketch. We were freaking out.

And finally, how can we be more like you?
SK: Stay relaxed and calm. Not take anything too seriously. Just make every moment fun. Can’t let life stress you out. There’s so much negativity around and I just like to be super-positive. I can’t always do it, but I like to make any situation fun.

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