A Beginner’s Guide To The 2014 World Cup

32 teams compete for four years of bragging rights.

1. There are 32 teams competing in the 2014 World Cup:

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2. The top seven teams were put into separate groups, along with the host nation, Brazil.

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3. The rest of the teams were put into “pots” based on their geographic location…

Pot 1: The top seven teams, plus host Brazil.
Pot 2: Africa & South America
Pot 3: Asia & North America
Pot 4: Europe

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4. And then one team from each pot was randomly placed into a separate group.

The teams from Pot 3 (Australia, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, and the United States) are highlighted here.

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5. The four teams in each group will play each other and the top two teams will move on.

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6. From there, it heads into a single-game elimination bracket, starting with the winner of each group playing the runner-up of another group.

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7. Winners advance and keep playing until there are only two teams left.


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8. Those two teams play each other for the World Cup trophy and four years of bragging rights.

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