29 Signs You Grew Up In A Mexican Household

Here’s the game: If you can relate to ten items on this list, CONGRATULATIONS! You are a certified Mexican.

1. You knew “El Chapulin Colorado” before you knew Superman.

Superman pales to this beast.

ID: 2034423

2. You had one of these in your living room.

ID: 2034444

3. You faced the wrath of one of these three objects:

ID: 2034459

4. You got your nightly news from these two:

Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas: Univision news anchors since 1986.

ID: 2034474

5. Your first introduction to dramatic acting was a telenovela.

ID: 2035035

6. Your mom would watch Cristina instead of Oprah.

ID: 2034491

7. You always wondered why Americans celebrated Cinco de Mayo more than your family.

ID: 2034502

8. You had this image somewhere in your house:

ID: 2034574

9. You wrote to “Los Reyes Magos” instead of Santa Claus.

Los Tres Reyes Magos (The Three Wise Men). On January 5th, you’d write a letter to the Magos and then put it in a shoe. You leave the shoe at your doorstep and in the morning, you’d get your presents. Probably a way for your parents to take advantage of after-Christmas sales.

ID: 2034582

10. On every January 6th, you ate bread with baby figurines stuck inside.

It’s called a rosca. If you get the figurine, it’s your job to make tamales in February. Kids didn’t care. They just wanted a new toy.

ID: 2034790

11. This happened to you on your birthday:

No one was ever spared… NO ONE.

ID: 2034712

12. This guy was YOUR People’s Champion.

Julio Cesar Chavez: Boxing God.

ID: 2034719

13. You preferred Santo over Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan never saved the earth from Martians… or breathed on the moon… or faced off against “El Nazi.”

ID: 2035497

14. You had to explain to teachers why you were labeling yourself a “bimbo.”

…It’s a Mexican bread company.

ID: 2035516

15. This is what Sunday football looked like.

ID: 2035113

16. This is how you would react to Mexico scoring a goal.

ID: 2035147

17. These were the candies you fought for.

ID: 2034735

18. He was the hardest working man in your neighborhood.

ID: 2034744

19. You grew up with this guy on TV.

And you really wanted a torta con jamon.

ID: 2034759

20. Your parents hated this guy:

Carlos Salinas de Gortari (President of Mexico from 1988-1994) A.K.A one of the most corrupt Mexican presidents of all time (and that bar is set very high).

ID: 2035489

21. Your parents loved this guy:

One word: “AMNESTY!”

ID: 2034770

22. Your family ate at food trucks before they were cool.

ID: 2034778

23. You preferred conchitas over donuts.

…or at least ate the top part.

ID: 2034782

24. You HAD to be an usher at your cousin’s Quinceñera.

This was NOT an option.

ID: 2034806

25. There’s always an infinite supply of these.

ID: 2034811

26. You had a Carne Asada every Sunday.

This is not a BBQ. It’s a CARNE ASADA.

ID: 2034814

27. You still remember this scene.


ID: 2035604

28. You were represented in Hollywood by this man:

Edward James Olmos FTW!

ID: 2034825

29. You heared this song at every party.

ID: 2034864

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