This Boston Terrier Is Too Cute

Life is ruff.

1. Meet Jack

ID: 1202545

2. Jack Has A Really Cute Underbite

ID: 1202559

3. He’s A Boston Terrier

ID: 1202550

4. Like, Really Cute

ID: 1202567

5. When Jack Isn’t Working…

ID: 1202580

6. He’s Probably Playing With His Ball

ID: 1202597

7. He Really Enjoys Playing Ball

ID: 1202607

8. He Isn’t Picky About Which Ball It Is

ID: 1202619

9. As Long As You’ll Play With Him

ID: 1202623

10. Jack Also Likes The Snow

ID: 1202630

11. But Really Likes Being In The Sun

ID: 1202640

13. Sometimes He Thinks About His Life Choices In The Sun

ID: 1202658

14. Sometimes He Looks A Little Sad

ID: 1202666

15. But It’s Just Because His Ball Is Stuck Under The Chair

ID: 1202675

16. Or Because He Lost His Sunglasses…AGAIN

ID: 1202685

17. But Then He Gets Dressed Up

ID: 1202700

18. Or Takes A Long Shower

ID: 1202705

19. And He’s Happy Again

ID: 1202720

20. Jack Has A French Bulldog Friend Named Joey

ID: 1202728

21. Sometimes They Don’t Get Along

ID: 1202745

22. But They Remember That No Matter What…

ID: 1202756

23. They Will Always Be Tight

ID: 1202764

24. Joey’s Kinda Cute Too

ID: 1202769

25. But This Is About Jack

ID: 1202773

26. And He’s Pretty Damn Cute

ID: 1202779


ID: 1202829

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