21 Animals That Say Gay Is OK

Rainbows for everyone!

1. This panda loves the ideas of gays getting married.

ID: 1168145

2. This zebra just hopes you’ll invite him to the wedding.

ID: 1168161

3. This guy just couldn’t take it when Delaware announced it now allows same-sex marriages.


ID: 1168173

4. These gals are all for marriage equality, too.

(Lisa on the far right is gay)

ID: 1168186

5. These guys just realized they have nothing to wear for Pride.

ID: 1168195

6. This couple doesn’t judge, because love is love.

ID: 1168212

7. This guy is straight, but doesn’t think listening to Scissor Sisters is a ‘gay’ thing.

Or wearing that FABULOUS scarf.

ID: 1168225

8. She thinks everyone should have rights.

ID: 1168234

9. This guy doesn’t care HOW he expresses himself, as long as he can wear these heels.

ID: 1168245

10. Even Llama Del Rey is on board with the equal rights movement.

But if you’ll excuse her, she’s Off To The Races.

ID: 1168261

11. And Grumpy Cat

She’ll hate you because of your personality, NOT because you’re gay.

ID: 1168277

12. These birds think that maybe everyone’s a little gay.

ID: 1168283

13. This giraffe is a little scared of all the bigotry happening nowadays.

ID: 1168309

14. And this guy thinks everyone needs to lighten up.

ID: 1168325

15. Because there’s nothing wrong with being gay.

ID: 1168342

16. And gay is TOTALLY OK

ID: 1168356

17. At least, according to Robot Unicorn it is.

PS best game ever.

ID: 1168378

18. And Lady GaGa

ID: 1168383

19. And Obama

ID: 1168392

20. And Canada

ID: 1168403

21. And anyone with a sense of reason, logic, and love.

ID: 1168420

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