17 Ways To Tell Corgis Are The Right Dogs For You

Did you choose the Corgi Life, or did it choose you?

1. Do pictures of corgis instantly make you smile?

2. Like really, you cannot contain yourself

3. If you like to swim, corgis may be right for you

4. Do you like to get dressed up for a night on the town?

So do corgis!

5. Are you sometimes too aggressive when it comes to flag football?


6. How do you feel about vacations?

Give beaches corgis. Beaches love corgis.

7. Do you run marathons at all?

It’s clear, they’re all winners. Of my heart.

8. What about kids?

Because corgis love kids.

9. How about ice skating?

10. Is most of your time spent photobombing?

Like a BOSS.

11. How do you like to spend Saturday Nights?

If it’s at home, with a nice glass of chablis, corgis may be your spirit animal.

12. What are your feelings towards laundry?

It’s OK, corgis hate it too.

13. Do you have a guilty pleasure?

But ONLY on your cheat days.

14. Is this an accurate representation of you coming home from work?


15. Do you like to hang out with the Queen at the Olympics?

Just another day in the life.

16. Do you like to exercise?

Workin on your fitness, corgilicious.

17. Lastly, are you human? Because if you are, and answered YES to any of these questions then corgis are the right dogs for you because THEY’RE PERFECT.

Like really bye I’m going to go get one NOW.

18. BONUS! Corgis now available in CAT!

OMG getting one of these too no really bye.

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