16 GIFs Of People Fighting Inanimate Objects


1. Windows are WEAK!

OK maybe not.

ID: 1316959

2. In the words of Kelis: Bounce.

Was there really any other outcome?

ID: 1316966

3. The Giving Tree

That never stops giving.

ID: 1316973

4. This pole is not having any of it.

ID: 1316989

5. The Melon Who Fought Back

ID: 1317000

6. This is just trashy.

ID: 1317007

7. Fuck the police!

ID: 1317012

8. #Headdesk

ID: 1317048

9. Rude, pole!

ID: 1317058

10. Rogue Hose

ID: 1317069

11. Don’t get cocky.

ID: 1317077

12. This Guy’s Biggest Fan

ID: 1317082

13. Ricky never liked these desks.

ID: 1317088

14. Nailed it!

ID: 1317095

15. Explosive.

ID: 1317105

16. We leave you with whatever this is:

Sometimes I’m afraid for the future of our kind.

ID: 1317119

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