12 French Bulldogs You Need To Be Following On Instagram

WARNING: Cute overload.

1. 1. Manny The Frenchie

Manny is an adorable frenchie who has almost 200,000 followers on Instagram. I doubt anyone would look as cute asleep in a sink in a shark costume.

ID: 1176554

2. 2. Sir Charles Barkley

Sir Charles is an adorable frenchie that can be seen eating ice cream, napping, or taking selfies.

ID: 1176723

3. No, really


ID: 1176749

4. 3. Trotter

Trotter loves playing dress up, and honestly looks great in everything.

ID: 1176782

5. Trotter Can Even Make Donuts

ID: 1176805

6. 3. Muu

Usually seen hanging out with her human counterpart, Tasuku, Muu enjoys naps, watching TV, and well, mostly just naps.

ID: 1176879

8. 4. Frenchie Kangxi

The amount of adorable in her photos shouldn’t even be allowed to exist.

ID: 1177885

9. 5. Hanna & Milo

This Frenchie duo lives in Japan, and are always together. Adorbs.

ID: 1181388

And they have corgi friends!

ID: 1181406

11. 6. Hata_bow

This little guy is living it up in Tokyo.

ID: 1181476

12. 7. rai511

I cannot get enough of this frenchie

ID: 1181518

13. Like, really.

OMG so cute

ID: 1181629

14. 8. Miss Piggy

Residing in Florida, Miss Piggy”s instagram is nothing but glamorous.

ID: 1181716

xoxo, Miss Piggy

ID: 1181731

16. 9. Batpigandme

I mean…

ID: 1181817

it’s just too much!

ID: 1181833

18. 10. Tank

Tank lives in Long Beach, CA. He also has one ridiculously cute underbite.

ID: 1181868

20. 11. Dexter

Besides having an odd Instagram username (sexxxydexyfrenchie), Dexter is pretty friggin awesome.

ID: 1181919

22. 12. Betty Page


ID: 1182566


ID: 1182574

24. Get to following! Have a good day!

ID: 1182609

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