When You Have Social Anxiety

Not even the smiling world of stock photos seems inviting.

1. When the barista asks who’s next…

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ID: 615372

…and you can only do this.

ID: 612583

2. When you approach a store clerk for help…

ID: 617939

…you think you look like this…

ID: 617948

..but you actually look like this

ID: 617970

3. And when the cashier tries to make small talk…

ID: 617886

…your response is this

ID: 617904

4. When you drop something…

ID: 618281

…calling attention to yourself…

ID: 618303

…you feel like this.

ID: 618107

5. Crammed in an elevator…

ID: 615381

…you wish you could do this.

ID: 612794

6. And when they try to bring you into the conversation…

ID: 606698

…you feel like this.

ID: 606638

7. When you finally speak up,

ID: 612700

everyone is LOOKING at you!

ID: 612739

8. And their expressions seem to say:

ID: 612695

9. No matter how friendly people are…

ID: 607464

…your first instinct is to hide.

ID: 607471

10. Party Invitations…

ID: 605595

11. You prep for the shindig…

ID: 607273

…but when you get there…

ID: 607312

…you see this.

ID: 612718

12. When someone waves hello and starts moving towards you to chat…

ID: 606629

…you see this.

ID: 606496

13. When you have to introduce yourself…

ID: 606684

14. …you feel like this.

ID: 606688

15. Approaching a stranger at a bar…

ID: 607170

…is as appealing as this.

ID: 607178

16. But you can handle hanging out with a few friends

ID: 609508

17. Then some more of their friends show up…

ID: 609518

…then even more…

ID: 609406

…suddenly there are Too. Many. People.

ID: 607939

18. You try to stay calm…

And you feel like this

ID: 612665

…but you have to excuse yourself.

ID: 607978

19. You’ll do better next time!

ID: 609645

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