17 Uncomfortable Moments After You Break Up With A Friend

Parting ways with a friend can hurt just as much as spiltting from a significant other.

1. When you realize they still have your DVD and you don’t know how to ask for it back.

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2. When someone who assumes you two still hang out asks how they’re doing.

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3. When you realize all the things they know about you that could now be used against you.

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4. When you go to make peace on their Facebook wall and realize you’ve been unfriended.

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5. When you end up seated together at a party.

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6. When a mutual friend suggests you invite them to a gathering.

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7. When you’re scrolling through Facebook and see this.

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8. When you bump into them at the store and you don’t know whether you should say hello.

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9. When there’s news about a person/band/movie that only they would appreciate and you can’t talk to them about it.

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10. When you confront them about the split, only to realize the talk was a dream.

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11. When you go to call them, then you remember…

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12. When you put your iPod on shuffle and “Friends Forever” comes on.

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13. Or you hear the “Golden Girls” theme song.

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14. Or “You’re My Best Friend.”

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15. When you find an old picture of you together.

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16. When you catch one of the extreme bromance episodes of “Boy Meets World.”

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17. When you watch any part of “The Fox and the Hound.”

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