17 People You Wish Were Your Parents

They really earned those #1 dad and mom of the year mugs.

1. This Mom who made brown bagging cool

ID: 683109

2. This dad who got creative with his friendly reminders

ID: 683270

3. This dad who explained safety rules in a fun way

“Can’t touch this.”

ID: 683143

4. These dads who really committed to arts and crafts

ID: 683224

6. This mom who organized the best kind of play group

ID: 683396

7. This dad who made sure his son strolled in style

ID: 683436

8. This mom who didn’t pick just any nursery theme

ID: 683612

9. This mom who wanted to make sure her son is ready for anything

ID: 690947

10. This dad who filled in for a missing toy

ID: 690966

11. This dad who wanted to give his kids the best possible Mariokart experience

ID: 690912

12. This dad who made sure his son had a great Halloween even without candy

ID: 693328

13. This dad who made his son the star of his own movie

ID: 695090

14. This mom who filled her kids lunch boxes with familiar faces

ID: 696192

15. This dad who sent his son’s toy train into space

ID: 696675

16. This mom who’s training her kid to be a Jedi

ID: 695004

17. And all these dads who sang a Disney princess song for their daughters (and everyone else on Youtube)

ID: 695132

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