Moj A.
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    • Moj A.

      I am a muslim resident of the US living in MA and I am ashamed of this fact that these two crazy terrorists are muslims. I came here 2 years ago and I wear hijab. Despite of this fact every single body was and is so nice to me.US people are really open minded and far far beyond my imagination kind to foreigners. I came here because I wanted my daughter to live in a peaceful land. A land that she can choose what she wants to wear and how she wants to live. I wanted her to live her life in a way she likes and I was happy for her until this tragedy happened… My country was in war when I was a kid and I took 8 years for peace to come to my country…and I don’t want that happens to my daughter any more… I am a muslim and I am sorry for what these criminals did to that little kid, To her sister and her mom… because I am a mom and I know how it feels to lose all of your beloved in less than a minute…