22 Things You’ll Do Your First Semester Of College And Never Again

It was cool…for a couple weeks.

1. Cover yourself from head to toe in school swag.

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2. Have a sweet guitar-and-bongo jam sesh.

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3. Ultimate frisbee

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4. Sit with random people in the dining hall in the hopes of making new friends.

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5. Buy every single textbook on the syllabus and go bankrupt…

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6. …and then actually do all the assigned reading.

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7. Feel awesome when you drink this.

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8. Immediately Facebook friend every single person you meet.

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9. Write cheery messages on dry erase boards.

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10. Blast music in the hopes that someone in the dorm will hear it and stop by to hang.

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12. Ice Cream Socials

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13. Stay up all night to have super serious intellectual debates.

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14. Get a little too excited about your school’s sports teams.

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15. Become best buds with your RA.

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16. Attempt to throw a party in your tiny dorm room.

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17. Go sightseeing around your campus.

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18. Constantly exaggerate how drunk you got.

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19. Audition for every single play or musical on campus.

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20. Offer to drive everyone in your dorm around (if you’re one of the lucky few with a car).

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21. Stay up all night just to “hang.”

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22. Attempt to totally reinvent yourself.

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