27 Pointless Projects To Do When You’re Bored At Work

Waste time… productively!

1. Make one of these cool hand patterns.

ID: 1474858

2. Make a beautiful tree sculpture out of paper clamps.

ID: 1474865

3. Or a giant scorpion.

ID: 1474950

4. Build an X-Wing Starfighter.

Instructions here.

ID: 1496323

5. Make a spit wad hand cannon.

ID: 1496280

6. Make Legend of Zelda fan art in Excel.

ID: 1474987

7. Produce a crime drama starring paper clips.

ID: 1475057

8. Create one of these gravity-defying contraptions.

ID: 1474842

9. Build a triceratops out of aluminum foil.

ID: 1474980

10. Make an origami swan out of an apple.

Instructions here.

ID: 1490945

11. Make a flawless black-and-white recreation of The Starry Night, no big deal.

ID: 1491008

12. Mess with some “caution” signs.

ID: 1490975

13. Make an Abe Lincoln doll out of money.

ID: 1490965

14. Recreate scenes from Back to the Future.

ID: 1491019

15. Give your office bathroom a Game of Thrones theme.

ID: 1491041

16. Hire a new employee.

ID: 1496053

17. Rediscover the joys of MS Paint.

ID: 1491033

18. Make an office banjo.

ID: 1496243

19. Soup up your Facebook cover.

ID: 1491073

20. Carry out this delightful prank.

ID: 1496060

21. Make a bow and arrow out of these office supplies.

ID: 1491110

22. Make a Tyrannosaurus Rex out of pens and clamps.

ID: 1496190

23. Build a miniature Starship Enterprise.

ID: 1491130

24. Make a giant Nyan cat mural out of colored paper.

ID: 1496042

25. Make yourself a pipe out of magnets.

ID: 1491116

26. Cover a coworker’s car with Post-it notes.

ID: 1496356

27. And for those with WAY too much time… round up all your office supplies and BUILD A TANK.

ID: 1496393

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