How To Make A Smooth Entrance At A Party

Because awkwardness shouldn’t get in the way of a good time.

There’s a difference between showing up…

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1. First impressions are kind of a big deal.

When people first meet you, they’re going to judge you. That’s just science.

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2. You don’t want to be all shy and awkward.

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3. Your arrival should turn heads…

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4. …without being too over the top.

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5. If necessary, take a moment to get it together.

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6. Then slowly open the door and enter.

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7. Maintain good posture. Walk with your head up, your shoulders down, and smile.

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8. Just don’t come off as arrogant.

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9. And definitely don’t put your head down, slouch, or try to make yourself invisible.

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10. Instead of bolting for the warm safety of alcohol or food…

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11. …calmly survey the room. Let people see you.

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12. Try to introduce yourself to everyone…

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13. …without being a total attention whore.

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14. A sharp outfit always helps you feel more self-assured.

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15. But avoid any clothing that’s too gaudy.

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16. Still anxious? Don’t be! Remember, everyone else is probably just as nervous.

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17. Most important, smile and be friendly and people will naturally be attracted to you.

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18. Congrats! You’ve successfully made an entrance!

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19. Now PARTY!

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20. You can worry about your smooth exit later.

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