32 Mind-Blowing Snow Sculptures Made Of Actual Snow Lead The Daily Links

Plus 10 essential studying tips for finals week, 13 of the most extreme gingerbread houses ever, and 25 of the wackiest Florida news stories in 2013.

How are these 32 amazing works of art made of snow?! Seriously, how?! - [COED]

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Some people take Christmas baking really seriously, like the folks behind these 13 extreme gingerbread houses. - [Bon Appétit]

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There’s crazy, and then there’s “Florida crazy,” like these 25 insane 2013 news stories from the Sunshine State. - [BroBible]

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Okay, so maybe you partied a little too hard this semester. No worries, these 10 study hacks will help make finals a breeze. - [Gurl]

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Sure, the consensus agrees that Kanye West is a genius. But according to this compilation of his one-star Amazon reviews, he’s terrible at music. - [Noisey]

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A Virginia woman showed us another way jogging can be painful: Sometimes you get hit by a FLYING DEER. - [Newser]

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You probably don’t want to hear the 20 most overplayed songs of 2013 AGAIN, but what if someone condensed them into a minute-long medley? - [Geeks Are Sexy]

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These 16 pictures are perfect…except for one minor flaw: A dog can be seen pooping in the background. - [College Humor]

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