The Australian Cop Who Looks Just Like Ryan Gosling Leads The Daily Links

Plus a map that tracks every F-bomb on Twitter, the world’s first synthetic bladder, and two fossilized bugs caught in the act. posted on

What would you do if you looked like a famous heartthrob? Meet the Australian cop who moonlights as a Ryan Gosling lookalike. - [The Gloss]

Want to know exactly where Twitter F-bombs are being dropped? A hilarious new feature can show you every f**k given in real time. - [Uproxx]

Before you can drive a huge bulldozer or backhoe, you must complete the training. The good news is, training to drive those huge machines is AWESOME. - [Popular Mechanics]

One environmental activist found a unique way to raise awareness: By showing us how Earth’s problems look from outer space. - [Daily Mail]

Some jokes are so awful and offensive that the government has to get involved. Find out why the White House is investigating a Jimmy Kimmel skit about American debt. - [Death and Taxes]

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