The 10 Sexually Healthiest Colleges Lead The Daily Links

Plus why Bill de Blasio is down with Lorde, what your favorite coffee says about you, and how knowing another language helps your brain.

Believe it or not, you really can achieve six-pack abs in six weeks: One success story reflects on how he did it and how he feels one year later. - [Greatist]

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Bill de Blasio found a very hip way to celebrate becoming New York’s new mayor: Find out why he chose a Lorde song to accompany his victory speech. - [New York Times]

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A Twitter user weighed a kitten every week and took pics: The results are INSANELY adorable. - [RocketNews24]

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An amputee, a paralympian, a size 18: One amazing U.K. retailer has the most unique models ever. - [Adweek]

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As if taking creepy upskirt pics on the subway wasn’t bad enough, this perv tried invoking free speech laws. - [Gothamist]

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¿Habla Español? Or any other language? Good news: Your multilingualism may help delay dementia. - [USA Today]

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