10 Of The Internet’s Most Bizarre TV Conspiracies Lead The Daily Links

Plus the 10 most lovable jerks from teen movies, amazing photos of autumn from around the world, and 15 of the biggest fashion icon cake fails.

Did the Fresh Prince actually die in that West Philadelphia fight? That wacky thought is just one of more bizarre TV conspiracy theories floating around the internet. - [Flavorwire]

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Let’s call it “Six Degrees of Kevin Garnett”: This amazing tool can connect any two athletes who have played in the NBA, NFL or MLB! - [Slate]

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They’re the ones we love to hate: Check out the 10 most lovable jerks from teen movies. - [Gurl]

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Want to waste a lot of money on Fido? Buy one of these totally bizarre pet products you never knew existed. - [The Stir]

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This may be a wildly controversial opinion, but, as these photos show, autumn is kinda beautiful. - [The Week]

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No one looks good as a cake. Seriously, no one. Not even these 15 fashion icons. - [The Gloss]

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New Line Cinema

Hate the hassle of caring for breast implants? Now there’s a microchip that’ll monitor your fake boobs for you! - [BetaBeat]

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Maybe George Costanza was on to something: The Museum of Sex has opened a new restaurant, and it’s (surprise!) sex-themed. - [Thrillist]

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