16 "Simpsons" Episodes That Made You Teary-Eyed

You laughed, you cried…

1. “One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish”

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This is the one where: Homer eats a poisonous fish and believes he only has twenty-two hours left to live.

Most tearjerking moment: In the middle of the night, Homer says goodbye to each sleeping member of his family and listens to an audio book of the Bible while he awaits death.

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2. “Lisa’s Substitute”

This is the one where: Lisa falls in love with her charming, intelligent substitute teacher Mr. Bergstrom (voiced by Dustin Hoffman), only to be crushed when he leaves town for another job.

Most tearjerking moment: Before saying goodbye, Mr. Bergstrom hands Lisa a note, saying that if she ever feels alone and in need of comfort, the note will be all she needs. After he leaves, Lisa opens the note, which reads: “You are Lisa Simpson.”

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3. “Bart Sells His Soul”

This is the one where: Bart, believing that there is no such thing as a soul, sells his to Milhouse for five dollars.

Most tearjerking moment: When Bart begins crying while praying for God to give him back his soul, and Lisa saves the day.

ID: 1510602

4. “Lisa on Ice”

This is the one where: Lisa and Bart join rival peewee hockey teams and must face each other in the championship game.

Most tearjerking moment: With the big game tied, Bart gets a shootout against Lisa, who’s in goal. Rather than having one of them win, both Bart and Lisa realize they love each other, drop their equipment and hug instead.

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5. “Old Money”




This is the one where: Grandpa falls in love with a wealthy woman at his retirement home, but she dies suddenly, leaving Grandpa a large amount of money in her will.

Most tearjerking moment: After spending money on himself doesn’t cheer him up, Grandpa uses the inheritance to renovate the retirement home and name a wing of the building after Bea.

ID: 1519337

6. “HOMR”


This is the one where: Homer becomes a genius after dislodging a crayon that’s been stuck in his brain since he was a boy.

Most tearjerking moment: After Homer’s had the crayon re-inserted to become “dumb” again, Lisa’s crushed. However, “smart” Homer leaves a touching note with the message above.

ID: 1515746

7. “Round Springfield”


This is the one where: Lisa befriends an aging jazz great named “Bleeding Gums” Murphy but is left heartbroken when he passes away.

Most tearjerking moment: When Bart uses the 500 dollars he won from a Krusty-O’s lawsuit to purchase Bleeding Gums’s rare album so Lisa can broadcast it on the local jazz radio station.

ID: 1510565

8. “Bart Gets an F”




This is the one where: Bart has to pass a history test or else he’ll repeat the fourth grade.

Most tearjerking moment: After studying harder than ever, Bart scores a 59 and still fails. Fortunately, while crying he spouts off some obscure historical trivia and Mrs. Krabappel bumps his grade up to a 60.

ID: 1514941

9. “Like Father, Like Clown”

This is the one where: Bart and Lisa try to reconcile Krusty the Clown with his father, Rabbi Krustofsky, who disapproves of Krusty’s career.

Most tearjerking moment: When Rabbi Krustofsky finally accepts his son’s profession and the two hug during a live taping of Krusty’s show.

ID: 1515843

10. “Dog of Death”

This is the one where: Santa’s Little Helper runs away after his expensive operation puts a financial strain on the Simpson family.

Most tearjerking moment: When Santa’s Little Helper, brainwashed to be one of Mr. Burns’s watchdogs, snaps out of attack mode and pounces on Bart, happy to be reunited with his best friend.

ID: 1517844

11. “Lisa’s First Word”

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This is the one where: Homer and Marge tells the story of how Bart hated baby Lisa until her first word was her brother’s name.

Most tearjerking moment: It’s a toss-up between Lisa saying “Bart” for the first time, or the very final scene, when Maggie’s first word is “Daddy.”

ID: 1514532

12. “When Flanders Failed”


This is the one where: Flanders opens a shop for left-handed people and Homer spends the whole episode hoping it fails.

Most tearjerking moment: When the Leftorium fails and Flanders is forced to sell his house, Homer feels guilty and rounds up every single left-handed person in Springfield. They stop by the store and buy enough items to keep Flanders in business.

ID: 1514995

13. “Marge Be Not Proud”


This is the one where: Bart humiliates Marge by getting caught shoplifting a video game.

Most tearjerking moment: Either when Marge refuses to tuck Bart into bed at night, or this final scene, where Bart buys his mom a touching Christmas gift.

ID: 1514666

14. “Bart the Mother”

This is the one where: Beloved comedian Phil Hartman made his last Simpsons appearance voicing Troy McClure.

Most tearjerking moment: The “In loving memory…” title card shown during the end credits.

ID: 1517752

15. “Mother Simpson”

This is the one where: Homer is reunited with his mother, who he thought had died when he was a kid.

Most tearjerking moment: Wanted by the FBI, Homer’s mother goes on the lam and abandons Homer again. Rather than a funny button, the episode ends with Homer sitting on his cars watching the night sky.

ID: 1509510

16. “And Maggie Makes Three”

This is the one where: Homer tells the kids the story of Maggie’s conception, which was an accident, and how he and Marge adjusted to the surprise.

Most tearjerking moment: To feed three children, Homer literally crawls back to his old despised job at the nuclear plant. Mr. Burns hands him a plaque reading “Don’t forget, you’re here forever,” which Homer creatively edits using pictures of his beloved new daughter.

ID: 1509347

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