27 Signs You Go To Seattle University

Located in the Emerald City; Seattle University stands for social justice, Birkenstocks, and late-night Cave runs.

1. Your butt looks amazing when you are in school because you walk everywhere.

ID: 1474557

2. Ambulance sirens lull you to sleep every night.

ID: 1474705

3. You fondly refer to the Bistro as the “Cheese-stro”.

ID: 1474775

4. The full strength of the sun on your lily-white skin turns you into a sobbing mess.

ID: 1474798

5. This is how you reacted when SU Confessions was shut down.

ID: 1474828

6. Two words: Senior Streak

ID: 1474848

7. Destress with Dogs is one of the best days of the quarter.

ID: 1474911

8. You laugh when people ask about the football team. Undefeated since 1891. Go Redhawks!

ID: 1474925

9. You get way too excited when SU_secure finally works

ID: 1474854

10. You have written an LAL about yourself… or at least seriously considered it

ID: 1474900

11. The rain doesn’t even phase you anymore

ID: 1474969

12. Some days you just want fresh flowers, fish, vegetables, mini doughnuts and wind-up toys and you want it all from the same place.

ID: 1475001

13. Father Sundborg is nothing short of a celebrity.

ID: 1475056

14. This is how you react when someone takes the last box of sugar-covered brownie bites at C-Street.

ID: 1479578

15. You went on Search and came back a changed person.

ID: 1475262

16. You’ve never spent a moment of your life worrying about a designated driver. Your friend the Nighthawk always has your back.

ID: 1479779

17. You go to 10x more concerts than your friends because bands ALWAYS stop in Seattle.

ID: 1475272

18. The annual drag show is like a second Christmas.

ID: 1475333

19. You have no problem waiting 30 minutes in line on Milkshake Monday.

ID: 1475118

20. The words “hella” and “doe” have made their way into your everyday vocabulary.

ID: 1475345

21. Timely Warning Notifications are a regular topic of conversation.

ID: 1475227

22. You always got in Linda’s line at C-Street just so she could tell you to “have a happy day”.

ID: 1479678

23. You judged people by where they lived Freshman year…

ID: 1479663

24. Late night trips to the Cave happened far too frequently.

ID: 1475360

25. You commonly find yourself saying things like “solidarity,” “dialogue circle,” and “Ignatian”.

ID: 1479649

26. You await the Quadstock lineup announcement with anticipation usually reserved for new Ryan Gosling movies and Cupcake Royale.

ID: 1474872

27. You realize you go to the best school ever.

ID: 1474500

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