The 33 Most Frustrating Things About “The Walking Dead”

I just want some answers.

1. The grass:

2. The episode flow:

3. The governor’s shooting ability:

6. Rick vs. the governor:

7. Everyone’s grooming:

Also Andrea’s perfectly pedicured toes in the Season 3 finale.

8. Everyone’s ability to fix machinery with minimal tools:

9. The fluctuating strength of zombies:

10. That guy drinking water in a sea of zombies:

15. How zombies keep getting in the jail:

16. How easily Andrea’s problems could have been solved:

18. The grenade launchers in the finale:

19. Seriously, WTF:

21. Hershel being the getaway driver:

22. How walkers always seem to appear literally out of nowhere:

23. That scene in the first season when Rick was in the tank:

24. How everyone suddenly trusted Merle:

25. How it took them eight months to find the prison:

Also what happened to Winter?

26. How the silencer was actually a flashlight:

27. How Rick always eye fucks the camera:

28. How people are still gardening:


30. Daryl’s vest-on-vest look:

32. Lori, again:

33. Yep, Lori:

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