Why 3-Year-Old Ava Is The Queen Of Vine


The wiiiiiiickedly talented Ava came into our lives with this wonderfully helpful tip on flirting with boys.

ID: 2801060

Proving she wasn’t just another basic one-hit wonder, Ava stormed back onto the scene with this incredibly accurate rendition of every average white girl.

ID: 2800769

Spot on. Nailed it. THIS IS PRECISION.

ID: 2800844

But that’s not all!

ID: 2800781

Her asking for Wi-Fi impression is ON POINT.

ID: 2800782

Her “woman who is obsessed with working at Target” character is a solid A.

ID: 2800789

She can play parts lit’rally four times her age.

ID: 2800770

Like, she’s 3 and she’s playing a 16 year old. Brilliant.

ID: 2800797

Another character we must talk about is her “working girl in her 20s”.

ID: 2800832

With such poise and accuracy, she nails the impression while multitasking with the application of lipstick.

ID: 2800834

Taylor Swift???? That you????

ID: 2800933

Also her grandpa.

ID: 2801172

And her Southern woman who is a grown-up human.

ID: 2800835

Not to be limited by her impressions, here she is saying hi to her neighbors.

ID: 2801098

Now please, follow her on Vine.

ID: 2800945

Say hi to Shirley.

ID: 2801032

And whatever you do, DO NOT FORGET HER NUTS!!

ID: 2800842

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