35 Ways Chris Hadfield Will Completely Alter Your Perception Of Earth

Prepare to have your mind blown.

Meet Chris Hadfield. He is currently orbiting the earth and posting pictures on Twitter and videos on YouTube.

He is about to blow your mind.

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Chris is also an awesome dude.

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I HIGHLY recommend following because his pictures and videos are literally out of this world (HA HA!).

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Moving on…

Here are ways he will change your perception of the world:

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35. The Northern lights radiate upwards:

ID: 1057605

34. Icebergs are depressing:

ID: 1057599

33. Like really really depressing:

ID: 1057656

32. It looks like a drink was spilled on the Australian Outback:

ID: 1057634

31. The Outback is also filled with scary faces:

ID: 1057596

30. This is a crazy thing to think about:

ID: 1057590

29. This is also a crazy thing to think about:

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28. It’s hard to distinguish between ice and sand from above:

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27. Earth sometimes looks like Mars:

ID: 1057597

26. Next time you are stuck in a big thunderstorm think about the clouds above you bulging up into space:

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25. North Korea is even more mysterious and terrifying from space:

ID: 1057601

24. Mysterious lights in geometrically perfect configurations are also terrifying:

ID: 1057602

23. There is a giant chameleon in the Sahara Desert:

ID: 1057604

22. There is also a lake that looks like a pug in New Zealand:

ID: 1057659

21. The Amazon is trippy as hell:

ID: 1057606

20. You can always tell where the center of a city by the amount of light that surrounds it:

ID: 1057607

See also Philadelphia:

ID: 1057616

19. Volcanoes are pretty adorable:

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18. Glaciers are pretty cute too:

ID: 1057660

17. A screaming ghost is haunting New Zealand:

ID: 1057621

16. Human engineering is especially eerie from space:

ID: 1057627

15. The boundaries we create on maps are permanent:

ID: 1057633

14. The Sahara Desert kind of looks like pie crust:

ID: 1057628

13. Glacial burping is beautiful:

ID: 1057629

12. Wind + sand = the best kind of art:

ID: 1057630

11. You can find food anywhere:

ID: 1057631

10. Even the earth has skin problems:

ID: 1057632

9. Some volcanoes are freakishly symmetrical:

ID: 1057635

8. You can tell where there’s water on earth by the agriculture that surrounds it:

ID: 1057637

7. Clouds + shadow + sand = the ultimate illusion:

ID: 1057639

6. Earth has a bellybutton:

ID: 1057644

5. The Andes mountains are the most colorful mountains:

ID: 1057646

4. You think a full moon on earth is beautiful? Look at this one from space:

ID: 1057664

3. Nature loves spirals:

ID: 1057666

2. This is a place that exists:

ID: 1057665

1. Lastly, earth is just one big neighborhood.

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Blew your mind, didn’t it?!?!

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