This Is What Polish People Think An American House Party Is Like

One of my online friends from Poland had an American house party.

1. Back story: I have a friend from Poland who just posted a set of pictures from his American-themed birthday party. The album is called “American House Party.”

ID: 1857447

2. On what they drink: “Some people drink vodka inside the soda so they can pretend to drink something without the alcohol.”

ID: 1857133

3. Entertainment: Pocahontas:

ID: 1857368

4. Decor:

ID: 1857427

5. Darth vader masks, Brooklyn nets hat, and a cat totem pole.

ID: 1857274

6. The food:

On punch: “It’s what we know from the US movies.”

ID: 1857303

7. And mini popcorns!

Also hot dogs (in baguettes).

ID: 1857344

8. There were beer bongs.

ID: 1857326

9. Lots and lots of beer bongs.

ID: 1857327

10. Posing like Americans:

ID: 1857359

11. On what they wore: “There wasn’t a dresscode but most of the guys decided to make fun and wear hats, Supreme tees and stuff.”

ID: 1857385

12. Miley Cyrus hair nubbins:

ID: 1857390

13. Red cups and deuces… also straws:

ID: 1857393

14. More American poses (and also a British flag?):

ID: 1857421

15. Peace signs!

ID: 1857425

16. Glow sticks!

ID: 1857470

17. And lots of plaid:


ID: 1857435

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