46 Things You’ll Only Find Funny If You Watch "The Walking Dead"

For everyone who is obsessed with The Walking Dead. And for everyone who can’t stand Lori.

46. These three pictures of Daryl laughing alone with salad:

43. Glen’s mustache:

42. This poster:

41. This threat:

40. T-Dog as Mufasa:

39. Rick’s cry face:

38. Daryl crying with a tiny face:

37. That totally random dude:

36. Hershel’s real occupation/job/identity:

35. Rick on the phone:

34. Michonne’s inner being:

33. Daryl with a baby:

32. Hershel’s beard:

31. “Stuff and things”

27. What was on everyone’s mind after they found Carol:

26. T-Dog jokes:

24. These doppelgangers:

21. What Dale really saw:

19. Carol and Axel’s relationship:

15. “Just Girly Things”:

12. Hershel and Milton’s sudden friendship:

11. Lori being the worst jokes:

7. This picture from “The Maury Show”:

5. These tragic deaths:

1. And of course, the RV:


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