28 Things You Will Only See At Planet Fitness

There is no other gym quite like a Planet Fitness.

1. First of all, there’s the FREE PIZZA.

For real, they serve pizza at a gym, which is quite possibly the most American thing ever.

2. They also have FREE BAGELS.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you: a gym with free bagels.

3. AND Tootsie Rolls…

4. …which means Tootsie Roll wrappers everywhere.

Have I mentioned that Planet Fitness is a gym?

5. There’s also a wide variety of members wearing unique gym apparel.

6. Some dude riding the assisted pull-up machine as if he were at an amusement park.

7. Some dude using the assisted push-up machine for I don’t even know.

8. There’s also that distinct smell of pepperoni pizza wafting throughout the gym.

9. More interesting uses of machines.

10. Beers in the locker room.

11. A 20-year-old giving himself a hickey on his arm.

Just witnessed a 20 year old man giving himself a hickey on his arm #onlyatPlanetFitness

— John McCabe (@JohnnyMc_abs)

12. Jorts.

I didn't know jorts were considered workout clothing. Might have to give it a shot. #onlyatplanetfitness

— Casey Jendras (@Jenders05)

13. Chic-fil-a.

Only at planet fitness will you someone "working out" while drinking soda from chick fil a

— Alexa Rae © (@rex_lae)

14. Casual Sunday morning paper reading in Crocs.

Only at Planet Fitness

— Bodybuilding (@BodybuiIding)

15. Someone going ham on the free pizza while riding a stationary bike.

Only at planet fitness do you see someone on the stationary bike going ham on the free pizza... #whatthewhat

— (@ForeverFittt)

16. The lunk alarm.

just heard the lunk alarm go off for the first time at the gym, this is why I hate planet fitness

— Tim Lebbossiere (@TLebbossiere93)

17. Stoned teens.

To the kids walked by me stoned at the gym.. You're one of the many reasons why i hate planet fitness. Dope pre-workout though.

— Tyler Hersom (@Yoo_Ty)

18. No idea.

19. Signs telling you to clean up your Tootsie Roll wrappers.

20. The word “causious.”

21. Farmer Joe.

22. Farmer Joe’s friend.

The same old man with jean overalls is always at Planet Fitness

— Caroline (@ccarolineehi)

23. A sign that doesn’t make any sense.

You’re not actually open 24 hours if you close…

24. Another sign that doesn’t make any sense.

25. Anti-deadlifting signs.

26. Signs critical of people getting into shape.

27. More insane(ly creative) uses of machines.

28. And one last time, dozens of boxes of pizza and people eating them.

To sum everything up: SMH.

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