25 Things Way More Exciting Than The Royal Baby

The real issues we should be talking about.

1. Squirrels fucking up cars.

ID: 1398494

2. Debating whether or not Captain Crunch is a real captain.

ID: 1398261

3. This family’s new fridge.

ID: 1398343

4. An oversized Jacuzzi.

ID: 1398328

5. The story of Stephen Giraldo.

ID: 1398358

6. A flashlight in the middle of the road in Phoenix, Arizona.

ID: 1398361

7. A hat in a tree.

ID: 1398371

8. Anything about the Ikea monkey.

ID: 1398395

9. A video of a raccoon on an escalator.

ID: 1398404

10. A standoff between a cat and a bird.

ID: 1398411

11. A man being hit in the head with a dildo.

ID: 1398421

12. A fugitive that is a goat.

ID: 1398448

13. A man licking dozens of taco shells.

ID: 1398463

14. The debate over Miss Piggy’s weight.

ID: 1398338

15. A man running naked into a cactus.

ID: 1398486

16. A bear scratching its ass.

ID: 1398491

17. The man who forgot his Cheez Whiz.

ID: 1398502

18. Whatever happened to this chihuahua.

ID: 1398514

19. Video of this.

ID: 1398515

20. A Cheetos attack.

ID: 1398532

21. A woman getting a new roof.

ID: 1398541

22. A follow up story on the boy from Boise.

ID: 1398545

23. The “ball tapping” epidemic.

ID: 1398572

24. The baby that was found in a sandwich.

ID: 1398612

25. And of course, the great Potato Chip Heist of 2011.

ID: 1398628

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