The 12 Dumbest Ways New Yorkers Prepared For The Last Hurricane

Let’s remember how bad New Yorkers are at preparing for hurricanes with these pictures from Hurricane Irene. God bless us all.

1. With towels and masking tape.

ID: 661143

2. Covering their cars in garbage bags.

ID: 661142

3. Covering their cellar doors with garbage bags, tape, and bricks.

ID: 661145

4. Tying their Virgin Mary statues to their stoops.

ID: 661146

5. This mess.

It’s a liquor store.

ID: 661150

6. Covering their windows with cardboard.

ID: 661151

7. Duct-taping their doors shut.

ID: 661152

8. Cardboard “sandbags”

ID: 661153

9. This:

ID: 661161

10. More sandbags.

ID: 661207

11. Flipping over garbage cans.

ID: 661164

12. And last but not least, poorly taping their windows.

Which is a myth by the way. Tape doesn’t do anything!

ID: 661185

Oh, New York.

ID: 661200

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