The 17 Best Parts Of The Only Shirtless Picture Of Ryan Gosling In “The Place Beyond The Pines”


Bad news: Ryan Gosling isn’t shirtless at all in his new movie.

Good news: The movie studio released a shirtless pic.

ID: 1075706

Brace yourself…

ID: 1075709


ID: 1075710

Now let’s countdown the best parts of this picture because why not he’s flawless duh.

ID: 1075727

17. What appears to be some form of briefs slightly peeking above his pair of sweat pants.

ID: 1075431

16. The vein on his right arm.

It reminds me of the Nile River, which as you know provided rich black soils to ancient Egypt contributing to its thriving culture. That vein is the Nile River of Ryan Gosling.

ID: 1075524

15. The right nipple.

Excellent curvature.

ID: 1075552

14. The left nipple.

Flawless areola.

ID: 1075553

13. The hand vein.

Who doesn’t love a good upper-hand vein?

ID: 1075574

12. The clavicle.

I think that’s what that is? Anyways, it’s perfect.

ID: 1075588

11. This indent.

Perfectly deep.

ID: 1075591

10. In general, the chest.

ID: 1075604

9. The armpit skin flaps.

Faultlessly aligned with the pit.

ID: 1075610

8. The happy trail.

It’s just so happy!

ID: 1075621

7. The side abdominal region.

Simply superb and decadent.

ID: 1075635

6. The small of the back.

It just leads to nice things!

ID: 1075657

5. The arm region in general.

A good arm is a good. You can’t argue with that!

ID: 1075667

4. The knuckle region.

A good knuckle is a good knuckle. You can’t argue with that!

ID: 1075672

3. The below the chest indent upper-abdominal region.

Ugh. It’s just a really nice below the chest indent upper-abdominal region.

ID: 1075676

2. The wristal region.

A really nice curve. Dare I say “exquisite.”

ID: 1075699

1. The entirety of the shirtless area.

Because duh.

ID: 1075752

Picture via Just Jared and Atsushi Nishijima/Focus Features.

ID: 1075771

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