10 Scientific Reasons Why Ryan Gosling Is Sexier Than Bradley Cooper

This is science. You can’t argue with science.

1. He is more popular than Bradley Cooper on Twitter:

In the past 180 days, Ryan Gosling has been talked about more on Twitter.

ID: 33138

2. Ryan Gosling is more popular on Google:

In the past year, Ryan Gosling has been searched more on Google.

ID: 33233

3. Ryan Gosling can lift Al Roker:

ID: 33267

4. More people search “Sexiest man alive Ryan Gosling” than “Sexiest man alive Bradley Cooper”:

That’s a difference of 6,980 search results.

ID: 33278

5. Ryan Gosling’s dog has a mohawk:

ID: 33367

6. More people think Bradley Cooper is ugly on Google than Ryan Gosling:

163 more people think Bradley Cooper is ugly.

ID: 33290

7. Ryan Gosling broke up a fight, Bradley Cooper didn’t:

ID: 33293

See more examples of the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” meme here.

ID: 33375

9. Ryan Gosling looks better in a suit:

No contest.

ID: 33374

10. Ryan Gosling’s beard has more fans on Facebook:

Ryan Gosling’s beard has 10,418 more fans than Bradley Cooper’s.

ID: 33387

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